ENGIMMONIA at LEC GmbH Sustainable Shipping Technologies Forum: Highlights from the Event

Oct 2, 2023 | Events

On September 29th, 2023, ENGIMMONIA participated in the LEC GmbH Sustainable Shipping Technologies Forum, held online.

Martina Vagnoni represented the ENGIMMONIA project during the panel “EU Project ENGIMMONIA – Sustainable Technologies for Future Long Distance Shipping Towards Complete Decarbonisation.” Her presentation was part of the session titled “Advanced Infrastructure and System Approaches for Green Shipping.”

The forum brought together experts and stakeholders to discuss innovative solutions and technologies aimed at promoting sustainable shipping practices. Martina’s presentation highlighted ENGIMMONIA’s commitment to advancing technologies that support the decarbonization of long-distance shipping, emphasizing the project’s role in driving forward the maritime industry’s green transition.

The event provided an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, reinforcing ENGIMMONIA’s position at the forefront of sustainable maritime technology.