POSIDONIA Experience!

Jun 17, 2022 | Articles

Last week, the ENGIMMONIA project was presented at the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition in Athens (GR), where the main actors and stakeholders of the maritime shipping field were reunited and represented for many days.

ENGIMMONIA was introduced by RINA, as technical coordinator of the project, followed by a speech of MAN Energy Solutions about the potential of ammonia as promising alternative marine fuel. According to that, the shipowners’ perspective within the project feasibility and demonstration has been agreed and thus ANEK, DANAOS and FAMOUS were introduced to the audience. Then, the ENGIMMONIA scientific coordinator, the National Technical University of Athens – NTUA – presented the technical aspects related to the integration of renewable energy solutions on board supported by the Technical University of Munich.

The ENGIMMONIA panelists. From left to right: Antonios Triantafyllou, Christina Nikita, Thomas Storgaard Hansen, Valentina Parodi, Fotis Oikonomou and Platon Pallis.

It has been a successfull event!

If you are interested to the technologies presented, but you were not able to attend the event, please, download the presentations!